About The "Diamond In The Heart" project


The philosophical ideas and concepts, talks, teachings and materials presented on the site are all based on ancient scriptures of wisdom. In the short term, the purpose of the teachings is to bring to physical and mental welfare, to create peace and quiet in our hearts, in our surroundings, in our world. In the long term, their purpose is to bring to our mind's enlightenment

.The teachings are rooted in the wisdom lineage of ancient Asia: the Tibetan Buddhism and the Yoga traditions

We are the students of our beloved teacher, Lama Dvora-Hla, from whom we receive the teachings inspired by her teachers: Khen Rinpoche Geshe Lobsang Tarchin , Geshe Micael Roach, Lama Christie McCnally and others

.We are grateful to our precious Lama Dvora-Hla for bringing the teachings to us and for her guidance along the path

.All which is brought here is the fruit of efforts gladly made, is open to all and with no profit intention

?How can you help

We welcome your assistance in enabling the process of the translation of these precious materials into Arabic. If your heart desires to donate money or share your talents, as well as for any other request, please contact